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Tsirbihina River

Morondava, Madagascar

Descending the Tsiribihina river
This excursion has become one of the most popular adventures in Madagascar, offering travellers the chance of getting a close approach to some of Madagascar's fluvial inhabitants: crocodiles! It is in fact so popular, that local agents will likely offer it to you at your arrival at the airport.
The departure point to descend the Tsiribihina River is a dusty place called Miandrivazo. It is here where travellers embark on pirogues or motorboats to descent the 160 km through the wild landscapes of the far Malagasy West, leaving behind small Sakalava villages of untouched authenticity, white-sanded river banks lined by trees where lemurs spring playfully from one branch to another and chameleons wait patiently for an insect lay down nearby.
The cruise passes by some dense vegetation along the riverbanks, towering cliffs and baobab forests. The “highlight” of the trip is the Gorge of Bemaraha with its steep rocks and at Anosin' Ampela, a wonderful waterfall, where intrepid travellers can refresh themselves.

Before sunset, tents are pichted on some sanded beach under the curious sights of laughing children. When organizing this trip, be careful with the guide you choose. Cheap means mostly a cheap service too!
There are two means to join this adventure. Either in a pirogue or aboard a landing craft.


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