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Ambatolampy, Madagascar


Located 46 km from Ambatolampy, bordering southeast of the Imerina, near the eastern forest, Tsinjorivo is a historic site built by Queen Ranavalona 1 in 1884 where she placed a Rova and also a village of app. 100 inhabitants recruited from Betsimisaraka, Anosibe An'Ala and Andramasina. She came here only three times in her life. It is said that the queen let this place been built only to admire the breathtaking beauty of the nearby Onive Falls. In fact, her descendents visited this place often (Ravanalona III in particular) bringing an entourage of hundreds of servants and sometimes stayed even three months. The famous falls, situated at the southwest of Tsinjorivo, are visible from far away and plunge from an altitude of 30 m. A little further away the river flow calms and it is possible to swim or even fish (as Queen Ravanalona III used to do). The access to the falls is quite steep. The Rova built by Ravanalona I, where some objects and photographs are located, can be visited too.

The road to Tsinjorivo is in a bad condition and it takes four by car to get here. It is therefore advisable to bivouac at least one night there to avoid rushing back in the same day.

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