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Tsarabanjina Island

Antsiranana, Madagascar

Tsarabanjina Island
Nosy Tsarabanjina is a private island 40 nautical miles northeast of Nosy Be, in the Mitsio Archipelago. Its mountainous silhouette, fringed by white sand beaches and encircled by coral reefs, loos up on the horizon. Its luxuriant vegetation includes baobabs and pachypodium. You can observe the sunset on the Frères islands with a ballet of frigate birds, northern gannets and white-tailed tropic birds. Try traditional fishing in the evenings and boat trips to the great basalt columns, the famous sight of “Grande Mitsio”. Beautiful animals with black and velvety fur and by piercing orange eyes, are so habituated to human contact that they will jump onto one's shoulders to eat bananas out of one's hands. They are not fenced in, and come and go as they please, but when the Westerners show up, they tend to hang around, waiting for something to eat. Perching on tree branches primates are close enough to provide some unusual photographic opportunities. Despite the blessing of protection they are still considered endangered. Many of their cousins have not faired as well and some have even gone extinct.On the other coast of the island, there is a calm and serenity that makes the tourist bustle of the main village inimagible . The island has three beautiful beaches.

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