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Sambava, Madagascar


Sambava is a small town on the east coast. People live peacefully in this settlement cut out of the forest that looks as if fills in the gaps between the thickly-growing trees. The establishment of the culture of vanilla from the beginning of the century, and that of coffee, then contributed to the economic development of the city, which is now considered to be one of the richest towns of Madagascar. In general, there are hardly any tourists in this city. The town has an empty and wave-filled beach with white sand, palm trees, and green water (generally too strong to go swimming) and is quiet and pleasant but extraordinary rainy! Be equipped accordingly.The luxuriant vegetation, numerous rivers, orchids, high rocky mountains overlooking the forest limit the external boundaries of Sambava. We can only recommend the extraordinary beautiful nature reserve of Marojejy, where it is possible to hike onto the summit of the Maromonkotro mountain (2133 m), which offers an unforgettable view onto the tropical forests of Eastern Madagascar.


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