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Antananarivo, Madagascar

Ranomafana is situated in the toliara's Region in the South of  Madagascar.Famous for its lemurs, Ranomafana National Park is a rainforest that is spread over more than 41,000 hectares of land. It is in the south-eastern part of the country and is rich in biodiversity. A dozen species of lemurs are the major attraction of the forest. Besides, ample varieties of birds, lizards, etc. can be found on the island. In 1991, it was given the status of National Park to limit human interference in it. Ranomafana (which means “hot water” in Malagasy) is doubtless one the most spectacular National Parks of Madagascar. The park contains twelve lemur species. Aside from the golden bamboo lemur, visitors can spot eastern woolly lemur, red bellied lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, greater bamboo lemur, red-fronted brown lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur and brown mouse lemur. Other mammals include 7 species of tenrecs, 8 bats and 6 carnivorous. Several of magascar’s birds can be found here which is recommended to the bird watcher. 

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