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Radama Archipelago

Antsiranana, Madagascar

Radama Archipelago

The Radama Archipelago
The Radama Archipelago consists of four primary Islands, Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Ovy, Nosy Antany Mora and Nosy Valiha. The Archipelago owns rain forests and beautiful beaches, not very often visited. The small fishing villages have to be seen not only for the kindness and the welcome of the locals, but also in order to discover their way of living. Beyond the beaches, all the islands are characterised by the unique rock formations of eroded limestone known as tsingy. On some, forest grows through and upon the soaring cliff faces. Endemic birds and reptiles inhabit the forest. An undescribed bright blue lizard lives along a dry stream bed on the biggest island. A pair of the endemic and endangered Malagasy Fishing Eagle inhabits the area. On the island of Nosy Valiha, maybe as many as ten thousand graceful sooty terns come to nest in November.

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