Exploring Tourism in Madagascar
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Morondava, Madagascar


The laidback atmosphere of this coastal town is felt all over the city. The local market is well worth a visit (interesting lambaony fabrics). A usual exploration of the city starts normally at the airport, whose name, Anstakoameloky, has a weard origin and means "angry tree" (apparently an European pilot could not manage well the landing of his aircraft and crashed onto a tree, that was awaken to life and reacted in an aggrieved manner...) While we approach the city centre we pass throuh the boroughs of Tsimavao Bet and Tsimavao Kely. In Namahora Nord the second most imporant market of the city is held. The city centre, called Bazary Be, is a lively compound of narrow streets full of strident merchants and street vendors.  Nosy Kely, on the seashore, is the actual tourist borough. To get to hte village of Betania, you can hire a pirogue at the Hellot port.

Morondava has of course its own beaches, though due to the strong streams, the are no suitable for bathing. If you are on a dolcefarniente mood, head to the beaches of Betania, Bosy and Ankevo.

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