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Lokaro Bay

Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Lokaro Bay
This is no doubt the most popular excursion from Fort Dauphin and it is not uneasy to guess why. The site is truly amazing! The most agreeable way to reach this place is hiring a boat from Lac Lanirano, located 5 km from Fort Dauphin, on the road to Sainte-Luce. All travel agencies in Fort Dauphin will be pleased to arrange this daytrip for you. The departure time is usually 8 am. First you get on a motor boat drive until Evatra, a village of 1,500 inhabitants. Of course it would be much preferable if you would take an ordinary pirogue (this is by the way also cheaper). The magnificent lush aquatic vegetation made of pandanus and ravenala trees is best enjoyed in the traditional (and more uncomfortable) mean of transport. If you have missed the chance of exploring the Pangalanes channel, this is much like it! In Evatraha you will have to get out of the boat and walk the three kilometres to Lokaro bay, where a fantastic spectacle will await you. The aroyos lead on Lake Ambavarano and it may land near the small fishing village of Evatra. Then a journey on foot from 2 hours can be achieved by a scenic trail along the coast, the Bay of Lokaro.
Lokaro is located at approximately 40 km on north east of Tulear. If this place is not paradise, it certainly looks very much like it. The stunning beautiful beaches, the breathtaking sunsets, the rocky islets reflecting their shadows on the shallow turquoise waters… every picture is a postcard. Visitors to this remote place are literally struck by the fabulous scenery: pristine littoral forests, rushing streams, green hills, inland waterways, natural swimming ponds, palm-fringed lakes. All these stretch from the mountains on the horizon down to the long stretches of fine white sand. Additionally to this, Lokaro boasts the only substantial coral habitat in the southeast of Madagascar and offers superb snorkelling opportunities.


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