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Fianarantsoa, Madagascar


Typically a multi day trekking starts from Antoetra, the capital of Zafimaniry, located 40 km from Ambositra. Here visitors are expected to make a 2000 Ariary payment (around $1) to the town before heading out to the smaller communities.On the way, visitors pass some Betsileo graves topped with carved wooden posts called teza (heart wood), some of which can measure several metres high. This Betsileo funerary art is now on the verge of extinction. The trek usually heads to Ifasina, which nestles in a hollow between two mountain ranges, along the way several tombs of Tsangambato overcome Zafimaniry, or Tatao (stele) are shown. The town is known for its intricately carved homes. Other trails lead to Andikio and Faliaivo (5 hour walk from Antoetra), where the presence of tourists is remarkably less and the children smiles brighter (you can easily combine the visit of these too villages with two overnights). From Faliarivo you can continue your trek to Vohitandriana (45 min) and Andraitokanana (2 h). On the following day you can visit the falls of Fanandrano (2h30) and then continue to Sakaivo (3 h), where a further night will be spent. In the third day it gets back to Antoetra in about 3 hours.

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